Mishergas is tackling a major environmental challenge: used tire waste. Their innovative approach utilizes eco-industrial technologies to transform tires into valuable resources, creating a sustainable and profitable business model.​​​​​​​
I was tasked with developing a brand identity that embodies Mishergas's commitment to environmental responsibility and economic viability. By incorporating a recycling symbol and tire imagery, I crafted a logo that visually communicates their core mission.​​​​​​​
Leveraging the logo's arrow element, I designed a graphic symbol that serves as a navigational tool throughout the brand identity, guiding users through the website.
Website Design

The website's central design element is a flowing line that culminates in an arrow. This visual metaphor reflects the journey of tire recycling, guiding viewers through the website's content. The line serves a dual purpose: both a navigational tool and a core brand graphic. Its continuous nature evokes the transformation of used tires into valuable resources, mirroring the product's own circular journey.

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