For Lavantic, a web development and design agency, I was tasked with crafting a brand identity that embodied their explosive creativity. The client brief emphasised "lava" as a metaphor for their powerful designs.
Taking inspiration from this, I started with the letter "V," flipping it to resemble a volcano. Building on this concept, I duplicated the shape to create both an asterisk and an abstract explosion. This dynamic form encloses a square box, representing the pixel – the building block of their digital world.
This approach visually fuses the power of lava with the precision of design, perfectly capturing Lavantic's essence.

The Lavantic logo wasn't just a static image – it became the foundation for a dynamic brand identity. We leveraged the logo's core symbol throughout the brand experience, using it to visually represent the entire web development process, from initial brief to final quality assurance.
Imagine the logo's dynamic form morphing and evolving, reflecting each stage of bringing a website to life. This approach not only reinforces brand recognition but also creates a clear and engaging narrative for potential clients, showcasing Lavantic's expertise at every step.

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